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THECar WE by JQRacing

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Part No. USA-JQB0677


THE JQ Products THECar White Edition, our core product. This is the best and latest we have to offer. This is the product that we exist for. Watch the release video below, and read the extensive release text HERE.

In case youtube video does not play, you can watch it on VIMEO HERE.

When you buy a JQRacing car, you don’t just buy an RC Car, you join a worldwide community, THECommunity. You not only get a great product, you get the best after sale support available. The product itself is constantly being developed and improved, and we have extensive setup information and advice online. for a specific guide for THE White Edition, please CLICK HERE. As for our support, JQRacing is available to help you, from JQ and Ilias at JQ Headquarters, to our team drivers, and our family of a few thousand JQ drivers around the world. Whatever you need, we have your back. This is what you get when you buy a JQRacing Car. We actually care!