Flow Works Team Speed Control

Flow Works Team Speed Control

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Part No. USA-80970

Flow Works Team Speed Control

The new Flow speedos are based on a completely new platform, designed from scratch. They replace the existing three SXX Version 2 speedos. Racers can use the Flow speedos for modified and stock racing, for both classes it offers a multitude of setup options.

Optimised cooling, extremely high power output over the entire RPM range and simple but flexible adjustability are only some of the highlights that make the new LRP Flow speedos stand out. The unique software, a heavy copper 8-layer powerboard and the compact 2-piece machined aluminum housing have been never seen before in a brushless competition speed control. Its construction from thermo-conductive aluminium makes the case highly efficient for cooling. LRP is sure that the success story of the LRP SXX speed controls with their uncountable World, European and National Championship titles will continue with the new LRP Flow. The LRP Flow WorksTeam and Flow Competition are the most powerful LRP brushless speed controls ever. Let the energy flow!


Modified and Stock Racing – All purpose onroad and offroad software for modified and stock classes, incl. boost 0

Multi-mode profile adjustment – 7 fully adjustable parameters for stock and modified: auto brake, feel, torque timing, boost timing, boost angle, boost turbo, cutoff voltage

HD full aluminium case – For lowest core temperature and tough race design

Bulletproof 6V/3A linear BEC

Easysolder U-Tab Design – Heavy copper, multilayer PCB for lowest resistance

X-Brake Pro – New efficient and precise brake software

USB Software Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at www.LRP.cc!

Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3 – Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for each the speedo and motor

Extra small size – 32×34×21mm for easy installation in all cars

Including plugged high-performance fan

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